India Ferrah

India Ferrah

India Ferrah is originally from Roanoke, VA (The Star City of The South) and has been in the art of female impersonation for the last 17 years. At a very young age India made a promise to herself to become a self sufficient queen and still to this day creates all of her own looks from scratch including Hair, Costumes, Gowns, Some Jewelry and Makeup.

After moving to Lexington, KY at the age of 20, India competed in her first national pageant called All American Goddess in 2008. She captured the title and crown just 5 days shy of turning 21. India then moved to Ohio and auditioned for the first 2 seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race; however, it wasn’t until season 3 came along that India Ferrah would be cast on the show.

India made a fresh start in July 2012 when she moved to Las Vegas, NV and reinvented her drag persona which she titled India 2.0. She was then offered a job to host her own show at 8 1/2 – Piranha Nightclub, She accepted the position as show hostess for her Saturday night show, which would then be titled GODDESS.

India still resides in Las Vegas 5 years later hosting and performing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at Piranha Nightclub in the world famous Fruit Loop. India lives to entertain people and she makes sure to give it her all every time she steps through the door. Her biggest goal is to leave an everlasting impression on you and your party at the club and will always make time to say hello, give a big hug and take some selfies! 💋